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Step 1: Fill out online application

  • Any discrepancies found in your application and what your references say may cause it to be rejected, so please fill this form out truthfully.

  • Our dogs are considered "available" until the chosen adopter pays their adoption fee; please understand that we often receive multiple applications for each dog and the dog you're interested in could be adopted before your application is processed. 

Step 2: Wait for approval from our adoption team

  • Make sure all of your references (and veterinarian, if applicable) are expecting a call, likely from an out-of-state phone number.  

  • We are an all-volunteer team, please allow at least 3-5 business days to hear back from us.

  • Please understand that we do not have a first-come first-served adoption process; adopters are matched with dogs based on best fit

Step 3: Pay adoption fee

  • Once your adoptions manager has given you the "OK" to adopt, a secure link will be sent to your phone via text message which will allow you to pay the adoption fee.​​​


  • Local adoption fee (pickup in Hondo, Texas)

    • Puppy: $375 + 8.25% tax

    • Adult dog: $325 + 8.25% tax

  • ​​​Transport fee: $75 Flat Fee

Adoption Process

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